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Created on 2009-05-01 17:49:28 (#180242), last updated 2011-05-17 (335 weeks ago)

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Name:Sarah Connor Crossover Community
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:T:SCC Crossover fanfiction, fanart & fanvids.

Welcome to [community profile] sccxovers, a crossover community for all things combining Sarah Connor Chronicles with other fandoms. We encourage fiction posts/links, art, videos, challenge announcements...if it pertains to the crossing of T:SCC with another fandom, post it here!

About Policies Etiquette Affiliates Credits & Info
Here you will find fanfiction crossing The Sarah Connor Chronicles with any other fandoms. Before posting, please read the rules. All important links and tags on the community. The mods will be happy to add an appropriate tag if one isn't already listed.

Now have fun browsing around and feel free to join, watch, add your fiction/art/vids... Enjoy!
Like most communities, we do have a few rules. Please observe the following:

  1. SPELLCHECKING/BETA: Please make sure that your posts are spellchecked and if at all possible, beta'd. We won't be nazi's about the beta'ing, but the spellchecking... yeah.

  2. RATINGS: This is a new fandom, not a lot out there is available for it. We encourage any and all postings that you may have. But please, rate your pieces properly! There may be some reader(s) or viewer(s) who don't want to read the smut/violence/etc. Please advise as to what is in your work(s).

  3. DISCLAIMERS & CREDIT: PLEASE be sure to add a disclaimer on any and all works. This is to include all fanart or videos as well. If you use any resources that are not your own, please credit where they came from.

  4. Please use this format in your headers for your submission(s).

  • Please be courteous and use cut-tags accordingly.

  • Don't go crazy with font sizes/colors/font-families. Not everyone has their pages set up the same and we would like to keep the site as user-friendly as possible!

  • The Cut Tags are a reader's best friend. Use it please!

  • Spoilers: Clearly mark any and all spoilers and use the Cut feature if possible!

  • F-LOCKED POSTS: Please do not link any of your posts to F-Locked entries. If you wish to keep your personal journal 'Friends Only', you may (and are encouraged to) post directly to [community profile] sccxovers.

  • **NO PLAGIARISM**: we are enacting a strong "no plagiarism" policy on the comm. This includes fanfic and fanart. If you are found plagiarizing another user’s work you will be messaged immediately, your post will be taken down, and the person you stole from will be contacted. If this becomes a problem all your posts will be deleted and you will be removed from the community.

The Other Reese
Sarah Connor Chronicles
Destiny or Circumstance
SCC Slash
Terminator Fiction
Terminator Art
Sarah Connor Society New! Feb 18, 2009
Future War New! April 16, 2009

We love them! Plain and simple! If you want to affiliate with us, just shoot us a message and we'll get right back to you.
Any questions or comments, please e-mail/message any of the community's mods: [personal profile] musesinspire, [profile] billybee_honey, [personal profile] dharkapparition, [profile] dhfreak or [personal profile] chosenfire28.

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Last revised: 5/07/2009

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